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Big Al's Steaks

The ONLY Authentic Philly Cheesesteak Franchise

The Big Al's Steaks Story
Like all Philadelphians, Dr. Alan "Big Al" Costilo and his son, Adam, enjoyed having authentic Philly Cheesesteaks as part of their daily routine. Naturally, when they moved to South Florida they went looking for that authentic Philly Cheesesteaks that they craved. Sadly, they couldn't find anything that even came close to that juicy, tender steak sandwich that they loved from back home. That’s when they knew what had to be done, Adam and Alan were going to bring authentic Philly Cheesesteaks to their new hometown, and Big Al’s Steaks was born.


Everyone loves Cheesesteaks
While cheesesteaks are considered a regional food, the fact is that they are amazingly popular and you can find them in every town. The problem is, while all of these restaurants claim to serve an authentic Philly Cheesesteak, none of them really do… and your taste buds can tell the difference. What makes a Cheesesteak authentic is using the right bread and the right steak, and not skimping on the quality of the toppings. Big Al’s Steaks only uses the finest Italian Steak Rolls, straight from Philly, and fills those rolls with thinly sliced ribeye steak  “Never Chopped” and all of the traditional toppings that you’d find at your neighborhood Cheesesteak shop in Philly. While many claim to have authentic Philly Cheesesteaks, Big Al’s Steaks is the only place outside of Philadelphia that actually delivers on that claim!

Gourmet Cheesesteaks & More

These days, people demand more for their money… Fast and cheap isn’t cutting it any more. People want quality… and that’s where Big Al’s Steaks separates themselves from the competition. Aside from offering our award winning Philly Cheesesteaks, we also offer a series of gourmet Cheesesteaks that are available with non-traditional toppings like bleu cheese, bacon, salsa and more! Add in our traditional hoagies (which are served on those great Italian rolls from Philadelphia), Cheesesteak bowls, delicious burgers, deep-fried hot dogs, chicken fingers, and more, and you have a menu that will satisfy customers from all walks of life.


The Big Al’s Steaks Franchise Opportunity
Owning a Big Al’s Steaks franchise can be rewarding in many ways; the pride of owning your own business, the chance to be part of something special, and the opportunity to build a successful and profitable restaurant are just a few of them.

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