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$ N/A
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investment level:
$10,000 ~ $25,000
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Breathe Legal

Business Model How Does the Breathe Legal™ Franchise Work?

A Breathe Legal™ Franchise is provided the sole exclusive rights to place Breathe Legal™ alcohol Breathalyzer machine with a pre-defined territory. Each exclusive territory contains at least 200 Alcohol Serving Establishments, 50 of which contain Full Service Bars.

A Franchisee has the ability to place Breathe Legal™ machines within any establishment or venue that sells or serves alcohol. These establishments include bars, night clubs, banquet halls, sports venues, restaurants, fraternity houses, charity events, etc.

A Franchisee receives both vending and advertising revenue from the Breathe Legal™ machines. This revenue is deposited every week directly into the Franchisees' bank account.

Estimated Initial Investment

Breathe Legal™ estimated initial investment is illustrated below. Start-up costs below reflect a single territory. Additional territories are available for only $8,000 per area. Franchisee cost for the Breathe Legal™ machine is $2,550.

  • Low Capital Requirement: Breathe Legal™ Franchisees can be in operation with as little as $25k in Investment.
  • Low Monthly Overhead: Calibration of machine takes only 15 minutes per machine. With 15 machines installed, you can easily calibrate all machines in 2 days a month.
  • Very Few Competitors: We are the ONLY Franchised Breathalyzer company. This gives Breathe Legal™ the added support, growth, and brand recognition that no other Breathalyzer company can claim.
  • Passive, Recurring Revenue Stream: Once machines are placed, you can schedule nightly reports to be emailed to you of how much money your machines generated. We have National Advertising Brokers that are continually working to sell advertising on your machines and generate you income. As a Franchisee, you also have the ability to sell advertising outside of your Area across all Breathe Legal™ machines, providing you yet another stream of income.
  • Short Time to Market: Once Breathe Legal™ training is completed and machines are ordered, you will receive delivery and can install within 45 days.
  • No Building/No Build Out: You will not be waiting for Site selection, build out, or contractor delays with Breathe Legal™. Only thing to worry about is that your machine has the ideal placement in the Bar!
  • No Inventory to Maintain: The only inventory associated with Breathe Legal™ are straws. You are not dealing with disposable inventory or guessing what products will sell and which will not.
  • Little to No Personnel Costs: The only labor required for maintenance of the machine is a monthly calibration and servicing that can be easily completed within 2-3 days per month. This provides significant savings in regards to payroll expense, payroll taxes, and health insurance expenses.

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