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Dr Smellgood and Dr Smellgood Rx


The Dr Smellgood Treatment involves the dispersion of a patented odor neutralizer with a conventional electric spray gun, as a spray/mist on interior surfaces (walls, ceilings, floors, inside cabinets, closets and air vents), to eliminate foul smells in real estate for sale or rent, leaving houses and apartments fresh and odor free, permanently.

"The Better They Smell, The Faster They Sell!"


Dr. Smellgood Rx became a reality as a result of recognizing a need for a product which would permanently remove offensive organic odors as well as being safe, easy and cost effective. The product effectively works in houses, Condos, Apartments, Hotels, Motels, Restaurants, Bars, Storage facilities, and any other interior rooms and spaces where odor-causing bacteria can go un-checked and proliferate.

The research and development parameters established for Dr. Smellgood Rx were and still are the following:

  • The product must be safe for use around humans and pets.
  • The product must do more than just temporarily mask the odor.
  • The product must permanently remove the offensive odor.
  • The product must be easy to use.
  • The product must work in small and large spaces.
  • The product must be friendly to our environment.


As a Dr Smellgood Licensed Affiliate, you will receive a hand-held electric spray disperser, and one case (12 quarts) of Dr Smellgood Rx product, enough to do 12 or more Dr Smellgood treatments (which command a fee of $100 - $200 per treatment, as each Licensed Affiliate determines appropriate in his own market).

Licensed Affiliates are entitled to use the trademarked Dr Smellgood Logo, Artwork, and marketing materials to promote their business as they choose, and to buy additional 12-quart cases of Dr Smellgood Rx product at only $150 per case ($12.50 per quart) plus applicable taxes and shipping costs, a discount of $90 per case from the web price of $240 per case.  Affiliates may also re-sell individual quarts of the Dr Smellgood Rx product as a better alternative to Fabreze, for the $24.99 per individual quart web price.

Build your own stand-alone Dr Smellgood company anywhere, as a full- or part-time business, and work as much or as little as you decide, earning up to $100 per hour or more.  Or, add the Dr Smellgood Service to your existing service business - Cleaning, Janitorial, Termite and Pest Control, Carpet Cleaning, Property Maintenance, etc. (as several Dr. Smellgood Licensed Affiliates already have) - adding additional channels of revenue from your current and new customers.

Realtors are thrilled to inexpensively “refresh” their new property listings, and Property Managers save hundreds of $$$’s by quickly “refreshing” newly vacated apartments for re-rent, without the time and expense of repainting every time.  Hotels, motels, and any other real estate concerns with odor issues are receptive potential customers.

As a ground floor, introductory offer to this new, fast growing National Network, the Licensed Affiliate fee (which includes the spray disperser and 12-quart case of Dr Smellgood Rx product) is only $500 for a limited time only.  Thereafter, the Licensed Affiliate fee will increase.  (Ask about the special discount for Veterans and Stay-at-home moms!).  Feel free to call with questions (855-Rx-Smell toll free), and start building your own small business today!


"The seller called me this afternoon with excitement. He could not believe how well your treatment worked. Great job. You have my referrals!!!"
- Dave Walker, Realtor
Westlake Village, CA

"I am a satisfied customer of the Dr. Smellgood process! I called them to eliminate an odor that would not go away inside a condo unit that I had listed recently.
Within four hours of receiving my phone call, the technician had gone to the site and the process had been completed. I received a phone call from Dr. Smellgood himself, who confirmed that the unit was now "refreshed".
He went into discussion about the chemistry of it all, but I really didn’t give a damn. All I wanted to know was that putrid scent had been eliminated - and it was!
Thank you Dr. Smellgood, because it sure does!"
- Thankfully,
Lois Gerace
Estate Agent
Re/Max Olson

"My company manages over 600 apartments in Los Angeles. When one of our apartments becomes vacant, we call Dr. Smellgood to do the $100 Odor Elimination Treatment, which effectively eliminates any odor left behind by the former tenants (and their pets!). Frequently, Dr. Smellgood saves us having to repaint or re-carpet an apartment, which prior to discovering this service, had been our only option to deal with residual tenant odors. We save $500 or more by not having to repaint. This makes us, and our landlords, very happy!"
- G. Gutierrez
Los Angeles, CA

Seldom have I ever seen a product that exceeds my expectation. "Dr. Smellgood" is such a product. My mother was a 60 year cigarette smoker and she recently passed away. In preparing to put her home on the market, I couldn’t find anything to remove the smell of stale cigarette smoke. Literally in a single application of Dr. Smellgood, the smell of smoke was not just covered up with some perfume smell, the odor was completely eliminated and has permanently remained gone. Dr. Smellgood is like magic! What remains is a very subtle fresh smell.
- Steve F.
Boston, MA

Dr Smellgood recently treated a home for me that was occupied by one man and 37 cats. With no other work done other than his treatment, the OUTSIDE of the house smelled horrible but the INSIDE which he did treat smelled fine. This is an extreme example, but the product does work.
- D. Krohn, Realtor
Glendale, CA

I have two elderly dogs with incontinence problems, so I was very happy to hear about Dr. Smellgood. I have used his odor eradicator on some persistent odor spots in my house with great success. No more lingering unpleasant aroma that was always hanging around. I would definitely recommend it to anyone with an odor problem.
- C. Middleton
Discovery Bay, CA

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