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Earn $100,000 + as an opinion research professional utilizing technology without conducting phone polls or face-to-face interviews by becoming a FeedbackUSA licensee.  Nearly 75% of the population’s dream is to be self-sufficient…this is your opportunity.

If you have an executive background, management and/or ownership experience…or a strong history of presenting to other executives, this opportunity could change your life.

This is not a statistics job—it’s a professional white-collar executive marketing and consulting career.  We’ll teach you the statistics in our 5-day training classes personally conducted by the founder, as well as all other marketing phases…and we’ll provide you with two tablets and other marketing aids that will allow you to immediately launch your career.

Every business and organization knows that it’s more essential now than ever to listen to their customers, fans, attendees, members, patients and others.  In today’s economic environment, if these organizations don’t have regular feedback, they can make critical mistakes in their marketing, hiring, product and service development and other important facets of their operations due to lack of accurate knowledge.

That’s where you come in.  Imagine providing such sound feedback that your clients make considerable gains in their marketing strategies—and imagine the respect they’ll have for you.

Organizations thrive on feedback and they need accurate and inexpensive ways to get it.  Our projects are among the least expensive in the nation—and because of our unique non-biasing methodology, they are very accurate…sometimes, you are the client’s only alternative.

FeedbackUSA and its predecessors have been providing high-tech opinion research for over 35 years (since 1976).  Some of its highlights include the origination of the world’s first mechanical opinion polling machine, the first computer chip-operated survey system and the first touch screen polling center.  Our history includes the training of 77 technology-driven offices in 11 countries.  Indeed, the founder has been called, “the father of high-tech research”.  It also includes an impressive client list.

Today, we spend our time mostly training others how to do what we’ve been successful at for over three decades.  We utilize totally anonymous online surveys, wi-fi touch tablets, cell phones, iPads, handouts, mailbacks or on-site polls for our projects, and we’ll teach you how, too.  With little effort, you can even conduct local public opinion polls right from your computer—and we always donate research to charities using our exclusive Citizen Poll service.

Here’s a sampling of industries and events we have conducted and where you can earn into the six figures by gathering feedback:

Local public opinion polls (annual real estate surveys, favorite restaurant polls, auto dealers)

Fan research at sporting events (past clients include NFL, NBA, college sports, World Cup)

Local annual shows (garden shows, business expos, fairs, exhibits)

Conventions and trade shows (over 8,000 trade shows, exhibits and meetings in N. America)

Employee surveys (includes Wet ‘n Wild, banks, hospitals, hotels and others)

On-site customer feedback (retail, restaurants, specialty shops)

Non-profits (Rotary Club membership, Children’s Miracle Network, United Cerebral Palsy)

Patient research (numerous hospitals surveyed)

Government (mass transit, sports agencies, low-cost housing, sports venues, city research)

Tourism (past clients have included Medieval Times, Water Mania, shopping malls)

Politics (NFL and MLB feasibility, state representative, property appraiser)

Countless other categories

As a FeedbackUSA licensee in training, you get:

Five days of classroom training by the founder in a conference setting near Orlando

Five nights of lodging

Two high-tech wi-fi enabled touch screen tablets

Complete training:

            The overall research industry

                        Technology-based research

                        Online polling

                        Phone and paper surveys (which we don’t do)

                        An understanding of focus groups

            Statistical requirements for accuracy

            Pricing of per-project or per-question


            Questionnaire formulation

            Conducting the research

            Printing and presentation of results


When you leave your training classes, you will be a professional consultant associated with an historical background—and constant home office support.  No quotas, low entry fee, fast ramp, full or part-time.

Unlock the answers…unlock your potential in this high-income career.


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