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RSU Contractors

RSU Contractors has a 29 year track record in all types of remodeling and renovations, including additions, accessory structures, kitchen, bath and whole-house remodels and commercial projects. We also offer Home Maintenance Programs establishing market share in our target markets.

Opportunities in REMODELING

Over the past five years home sales are down, but Remodeling sales are up. According to a recent Harvard University study, Remodeling will be a viable and thriving industry for the next 10 years and beyond. Because the industry is so fragmented, RSU Contractors creates a unique opportunity for franchisees to take advantage of a proven Professional Business model that set’s us apart from the rest of the competition.

RSU Contractors is a customer service business that focuses on helping people enjoy their lives in their own homes. There has never been a better time to enter Remodeling some key growth factors include:

  • Aging and poorly constructed housing stock
  • A fragmented industry with opportunities for growth to build market share
  • RSU Competitive advantages over less organized independent operators
  • Green Solutions to improve quality of life
  • Energy & Resource Conservation
  • New decorating trends & products
  • Over 130 million homes in USA — All buildings need:
    • Maintenance
    • Repairs
    • Remodels to update

For most people, their home is a lot more than just the place where they eat and sleep, it’s where they live, relax and recharge. As a Remodeling Professional, you’ll be working with home owners to improve their quality of life. It’s very satisfying to be someone that can have such a direct impact on the way people live.

Over the years we’ve had thousands of satisfied customers tell us how much they enjoy their new family room, deck, kitchen or addition to their home. The great thing about remodeling is that you can always have a sense accomplishment and pride when you look at the tangible results that come from a job well done.

RSU Contractors Franchise — a unique opportunity that includes:

  • Large Territories with the right demographics
  • Proven business systems established from 29 years of remodeling experience
  • Our technology and training help our franchisees bid more jobs make more money
  • Great Support in every aspect of the business
  • Proven Marketing systems customized for your territory
  • Web-site, search optimization and social media
  • Quality Controls
  • Safety & Risk Management
  • RSU will help jump-start your business operation
  • TEAM BUILDING — we teach you how to hire & manage:
    • Skilled Employees
    • Professionals Sub-contractors
    • Vendors & other Professionals
  • Business & Strategic Planning
  • Ask and expert-Continuing support to help you get resources and information to succeed

RSU Command Center Technology gives our Franchisees a distinct advantage, by making you faster, more efficient and more accurate. This process driven software system is totally designed and focused on the RSU Business and includes:

  • Estimating data-base
  • Sales & Lead Tracking Process
  • Client Relations Management
  • Production Management
  • Vendor and Account management
  • Job Costing Procedures
  • Management Reporting
  • Document & Resource Management

Construction skills are not required to succeed in our business. Mark Williams, the company founder, has never been one of the guys that does the work, he works with the clients and runs the operation.

Remodeling is a service business working closely with home and business owners. You will not be performing the actual work, there are plenty of qualified and skilled professionals interested in working for a great company. Now is a great time to locate talented professionals looking for a career opportunity. We’ll teach you how to recruit, hire and manage the right kind of people that we’ve built our business with.

There are similarities between remodeling and new construction, but there are also plenty of differences. Remodeling is a service business that requires a different approach A Remodeling Professional must be able to effectively deal with the many challenges of an existing structure and still keep the client happy.

We prepare and train you how to successfully manage the client experience and expectations. Our system is focused on remodeling which means handling multiple clients and projects, generating much higher revenues. You will be focused on building your business!

If you are a construction professional we’ll teach how to effectively run your RSU Contractors Franchise and together we will take your business to the next level. We offer Incentive packages for Professionals who already have a remodeling business with active clients in their Territory.

If you’re a business person that believes time is money, then take some of your valuable time and consider RSU. We provide you with everything you need to grow a great business, nothing has been left to chance.

You’ll grow your top-line by Proven Sales & Marketing programs, AND Quote and Win MORE Jobs. Increase your Bottom line through better operating efficiency and building a professional Team.

Simply put we make you better and more than pay for the investment in our franchise. We’d like to get to know you and your unique situation and to discuss what you might be looking for in a business.



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