Elana Lancit


Elana is currently the Director of Operations at MFV Expositions.

She works to increase our clients online digital presence and is responsible for all content and social media initiative’s ensuring that she provides our readers with the most informative and update date information as it pertains to franchising throughout The United States, Canada and abroad. By using a variety of creative methods to engage the franchise community, she is able to drive quality traffic to our online properties.

Elana has been involved in the franchise industry for over 15 years and had developed the very first wedding consulting & event planning franchise. She created the entire process, wrote the manuals and provided operational support to all franchisees. She successfully expanded the brand throughout The United States, Canada, and Brazil and sold the franchise in 2010.

Elana Lancit's Recent Articles

How To Be The Franchisee Who Fits

While you're sizing up potential franchisors, they're also taking a close look at you. Once you find your ideal opportunity, you've got to be ready to sell yourself to the franchisor in more ways than...

by Elana Lancit

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Tip For Franchise Expansion

When you're researching franchises, it is important to look at the companies from all angles, and that includes the possibility of expansion. Even if you're not sure yet if you will want more than one...

by Elana Lancit

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Three Signs of A Quality-Focused Franchise

If you don't get a quality product or service from a business, do you go back? If your answer to this question is no, you're certainly not alone. Many consumers feel the same way, which is w...

by Elana Lancit

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Balancing Your Personal and Franchise Lives

You've done all your homework on the franchise you want, and you’ve even found a great location. Have you considered how you're going to balance your new work life and your personal one? Just being su...

by Elana Lancit

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3 Common Mistakes New Franchisees Make

The excitement of buying your franchise can have a major drawback: you get so into what you're doing that you end up making a common but avoidable mistake. Read on to discover three common mistakes pe...

by Elana Lancit

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Five Signs You're Finally Ready to Be a Franchisee

Although becoming your own boss is never a guaranteed path to success, you stand a better chance if you get a franchise when you're truly ready for it. Take a look at the following five telltale sig...

by Elana Lancit

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Franchise Financing: What Will You Do?

You've done all the research, searched your soul, looked at the local market, and finally found the franchise that is right for you. The next big question is how you will finance it. Just about all...

by Elana Lancit

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Which Franchise Is The Right Fit For You

One of the most important and difficult decisions when you're considering taking out a franchise is simply where to look. You need to find a franchise in an industry that suits your interests, talen...

by Elana Lancit

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