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A franchise investment is sometimes the single largest investment of your life, and so it’s something to take seriously. helps you with the serious side of franchising by providing this Franchise Information Center.

When you’re thinking about buying a franchise, you’ve got questions and concerns, and you need unbiased information. Sometimes you don’t know who to ask to get an honest answer, and that’s a good time to rely on the Franchise Information Center. It’s filled with a variety of articles that address the most common concerns and questions about buying a franchise.

You’ll find general as well as specific information in the Franchise Information Center. Learn how to investigate franchise opportunities, how to select one that’s right for you, what to keep in mind about legal matters, and who to contact when you have questions.

And if you’ve got a question that we haven’t addressed, simply send us an email and one of our experts will help you.

General Franchise Information

General Franchise Information

by Rob Lancit

Stepping Your Way to Success as a Franchisee Follow these 7 steps to success when you decide it’s time to buy a franchise. On any given day in any city of the world, it’s safe to say that at least one person decides, “It’s time I buy a franchise.” Some people arrive at that c...

Start A Franchise

For almost 40 years people have been telling me why they want to buy and start franchises. These reasons include: ...

Advantages Of Franchising

Six Advantages to Help You Build Your Franchise Empire When you buy and open a franchise business, you do so ...

Types of Franchises

More Than One Way To Become A Franchisee While franchising offers you the opportunity to buy one of nearly 3,...

10 Steps To Buying a Franchise

Top 10 Tips for Buying a Franchise Buying a franchise takes time, commitment and some hard work. But if you f...

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Terms & Resources

The following lists provide information about franchising, including resources that may help you while you’re pursu...

Typical Startup Costs

How Much Will You Pay to Buy a Franchise? The good news is that franchising probably isn’t as expensive as y...

Interactive Worksheets

It is important that you determine your financial capability to invest in a franchise. This can be more critical than your compatibility with franchising opportunity.

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